And finally Mr. Jackson

So after our first two successful kickstarters it was time to launch the big one.  I’ve been enjoying Mark’s work since he brought his portfolio into Big Planet Comics in 1987 to show his work to Joel Pollack.  He had some Elric drawing in there, and a year later we met again at UMD.  Mark’s gone on to work in comics, gaming, film, videogames, designing flora, fauna, heroes and villains.   I’m really pleased to be able to help publish the first book focusing on his art, and I hope to do many more.



Princes of the Universe


Just realized I never posted about our second book, Nino Malong’s Princes of the Universe.  The successful Kickstarter campaign wrapped up last November and everyone loved the book.  Nino got his local comic shop, Phantom Comics in DC to carry the book.  I’ve been gearing up for our next project, Mark Jackson’s Pin-up collection, title tbd.  We should be launching that Kickstarter early March.  My personal project, Gentleman Junkie mini-comic should follow soon after.


Creatures from Many Lands is here!


After a ridiculously long hiatus, we’ve gone and done it again.  Marc Hodge’s first book, Creatures from Many Lands is back from the printer, and it looks great.  The kickstarter was a solid success, and this weekend I hope to complete the shipping off all the rewards.

We’ve been discussing and planning follow up sketchbooks with Dreaming City Tales cover artist and contributor, Mark A. W. Jackson.  While best known for his artwork in the Gaming Field, outside of White Wolf and Chaosium, those in the know have been enjoying his amazing design and pin-up work.  I hope we can bring something reflecting Mark’s more personal work to the masses.  If they rise up with torches and pitchforks so be it.

Also one of early contributors, Nino Malong has been tantalizing social media with his work for too long, and hopefully we can pull together a collection of his amazing work as well.  His rockstar portraits and nostalgic television visions show a progression from his early work on DC Tales that will surely astound those who haven’t seen it.

Anyway, it’s great to be back and once again drag my hobby from the cave and expose it to sunlight.  I hope everyone who jumped on the kickstarter is as pleased as I am with the book and will consider joining us on a few more adventures in the near future.